Pros And Cons Of Different Acne Treatments

Learn different acne treatmentsThere are a lot of different acne treatments available out there. You have to understand some treatments do not work well. You will have to find out which of them are the best for your specific needs.

There are plenty of different medications you can consider, such as Retin-A, Differin or Tazorac. Practically in most states, you will need a prescription to have these medications. Talk to your doctor if you would like to try these treatments. These medications often work effectively, but they also have side effects. For instance, you might get a very dry skin as well as other side effects like a loss of appetite, sexual drive or difficulties going to sleep.

Applying creams to your skin such as ProActiv, or different products from Laroche-Posay, Garnier or Nivea works for some kinds of acne. These products can boost your complexion by preventing breakouts and drying your acne, but they can also damage your skin. These creams contain a large amount of chemicals and are usually very acidic. Your skin may become red, dry, itchy and start scabbing in certain areas.

You should use a good moisturizer prior to apply your anti-acne cream. Consider different creams and talk to your dermatologist to get the best creams on the market. Price may also a concern with these treatments. Compare different products, and never hesitate to get an affordable cream rather than one from a popular brand.

Acne home remedies are a cheaper alternative. You may use a honey mask to your face, or apply green tea to relieve infections. There are various other home remedies that are extremely powerful against acne. Even though the ingredients are affordable, a few of them are difficult to get and some sort of preparation is required, for example, with the classic soda powder mask. These remedies are ideal if you have plenty of time.

If your acne is caused by an hormonal unbalance, you can consider hormonal treatments like Spironolactone, or any variety of birth control pill. These remedies are effective if your acne is simply caused by hormonal unbalances. You should expect plenty of side effects from hormonal treatments. Talk to your doctor first to ensure this is the best solution for you. Birth control pills are safe and efficient even so you might notice behavioral changes, particularly if you have experienced depression before.

Every treatment has pros and cons. You will need to check different acne treatments, get recommendation from professionals and find out for yourself what works best for your acne. Use your own common sense to never apply anything harmful on your skin.

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